FIRMA Energywear

Harnessing your body energy to provide therapeutic far-infrared benefits through an advanced ‘smart fabric’

Your clothes should do more for you than just look good.

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What is FIRMA energywear made of?

FIRMA energywear is made of a polyamide-based yarn that have had bioactive minerals incorporated into [...]

What makes FIRMA Energywear unique?

FIRMA energywear is made with the only yarn relying on a sophisticated polyamide 66 polymer [...]

How does FIRMA Energywear work?

How does it work? FIRMA energywear absorbs “infrared” waves emitted by human body and re-emits [...]

What are the benefits associated with FIRMA energywear?

Increased blood microcirculation and enhanced cellular metabolism are the primary effects associated with FIRMA energywear. [...]

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